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    Welcome back…

    I am SO happy to have my blog back up and running! For those of you unaware, my blog was down for about eight months, maybe more. I lost direction, motivation, and was in a pretty dark place mentally in 2016. The whole year kind of felt like I was just treading water and not making any sort of real progress in my life. I ended up making the decision to shake things up a bit, by quitting my job and letting go of some bad habits and thought patterns. It was a good move; I found a better job working in tech support! The pay is much better and the work is challenging and more fulfilling. Most importantly, it got me out the slump I’d been in for the past year. With a new and improved mindset, my creative drive is beginning to return, and I decided to relaunch Red Hair, Black Heels!

    This time, I promise I’ll be better about updating. You can expect at least three posts a week on the subjects of beauty, style, fitness and health, DIY, food, books, my adventures, and special makeup and style tips just for redheads. I hope you all enjoy the blog, please sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date with my latest offerings!